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Nobel Peace Prize for Human Rights Defenders

Over 200 organisations from all over the world have signed on to this open letter endorsing the Nobel Peace Prize for the global community of Human Rights Defenders. The release of the open letter is accompanied by a public petition: Human Rights Defenders for the Nobel Peace Prize, which can be signed here.

Media Statement on Police Reforms from Civil Society Organisations

13 September 2018 Amnesty International, National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders and Independent Medico-Legal Unit and Mathare Social Justice Centre have provisionally welcomed the announcement of far reaching reforms to increase police accountability, discipline and effectiveness by harmonizing policing operations. Placing the Administrative, Regular Police Service units and other security agencies under one command structure

Sengwer women: We’ve lost our dignity, rights violated in evictions

An Overview of NCHRD-K’s Report on the Effects of Evictions to Women Human Rights Defenders and Women Rights Margaret Chesir was born in Embobut forest and for over 50 years has known no other home. She is a member of the indigenous Sengwer community, often evicted by the government in a bid to conserve the

Data Protection Guide

The Keys to Data Protection: A guide for policy engagement on data protection In this section, you can access the different parts of our guide for policy engagement on data protection “The Keys to Data Protection”. The guide is intended to help organisations and individuals improve their understanding of data protection, by providing a framework to

Human Rights Defenders Securing The Right To Vote in Kenya

The History of Kenyan democracy In a democracy, the authority of the government derives solely from the consent of the governed and is realised by holding free and fair elections. But from 1969, Kenya was a de facto one-party state and in June 1982, the National Assembly of Kenya passed Article 2A of the Constitution


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