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Post HRD Awards Press Release



The Protection Programme aims to develop appropriate preventative and intervention strategies for the protection of HRDs, including community-based activists working on civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, independent journalists, environmental activists and women’s rights activists. In addition to analysing HRDs’ working environment on an ongoing basis and developing security strategies accordingly, protection programme staff

Capacity Building

NCHRD-K’s Capacity Building Programme aims to ensure that HRDs develop the necessary skills….. to effectively defend human rights in their respective areas, such as women’s rights, children’s rights, or environmental rights. A second, key component of the capacity-building programme aims to help HRDs develop highly effective security management techniques to ensure their own safety. In


INTERVIEW WITH NCHRD-K’S PROTECTION OFFICER The working group on human rights defenders in Kenya is this afternoon scheduled to award the outstanding work of human rights activists for the year 2017. The working group comprises of community service organizations and development partners in Kenya, and focuses on the protection of human rights defenders. The award


The Advocacy Programme strives to achieve a conducive legal and policy environment for HRDs in Kenya, including through coordinating and harmonizing our advocacy interventions with those undertaken by our partners. In addition, we also initiate and carry out advocacy around specific cases of HRDs that have been identified in conjunction with Protection Programme staff as

HRDs agree to form a common front during any Elections in Kenya

Realizing Freedom of Assembly and Association:lessons from 2017 elections The National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders Kenya (NCHRD-K) convened over 70 HRDs from various parts of Kenya for a one and half days forum to discuss threats on Freedom of association through arbitrary directives by the government of Kenya. This has been observed to be

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